Money can’t buy you love, but a well-written Airbnb post could win you a night with Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Yes, that’s the Abbey Road, where The Beatles recorded from 1962 to 1970, where artists from Pink Floyd to Adele have recorded and where the soundtracks for “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” were laid down.
Even getting inside for a tour is pretty tricky, and most tourists get no farther than recreating The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” cover on the pedestrian crossing outside.
But in the latest stunt by room-letting website Airbnb, Ronson — a local boy from the St John’s Wood neighborhood — will be entertaining a competition winner and three guests in Studio 3 on the night of October 15.
He’s even provided his own bed for the occasion — the first time a bed has been here since John and Yoko got comfy in 1969.

To enter the competition visit the listing on airbnb.


Photos courtesy of Airbnb.



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